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Small seas and their experimental nature

I love creating small seas. They give me the opportunity to experiment with mark-making, texture, composition, expression, and often give me ideas for larger works. So, although they are small in size, they can also act as large catalysts. They also make ideal special gifts, due to their small and intimate nature. They can be handed down from generation to generation, and gain value with time. I've been creating series of small seas for around 4 years now. Some are acrylics on canvas, others are watercolours. Here you will find a selection of these works, both earlier ones (such as the 'Abstract Aegean', 'Sea/Sky' series and'Sea the Colours' series, of 2018-19, and my three new series, which I have just finished: 'Sea through', (4 works, 25x30cm (w/h), each),'Sea antics' (also 4 works, 24x32cm(w/h)), and'Sea Stories' series (10 works, 24x32cm (w/h) each). The last series is more abstract, where I experimented with creating layers with acrylics, and pens. I also made a small video which I posted on my instagram account about the first layers of the 'Sea stories'. (Please contact me by email, or DM me on instagram, fb, or linkedin, if you want to learn more about any of these works).

The earlier series: 'Abstract Aegean' series, 'Sea the colours' series, 'Sea/Sky' series:

The 'Sea antics' and 'Sea through: series:

'Sea stories' series:

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