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A stitch in time

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I really like English proverbs, and one in particular has been going around my head recently, due to the coronavirus epidemic: 'a stitch in time saves nine'. This is a proverb that I definitely believe in, although do find it hard to adhere to at times, due to my Greek 'last minute' instinct! However, the Greeks really did do a good job of adhering to this English proverb this time round, when it came to handling the pandemic, seeing as they took measures early to keep people at home etc. And it worked, seeing as Greece has been doing really well in terms of keeping the virus from spreading. However, the problem is, what will happen now that the 'stitches' will start to be undone, and slowly, but surely, we will be returning to a certain kind of altered 'normality'? Will the statistics start to dance? We're all worried...

Anyway, back to art: I have used stitching in works before, a long time ago, when I had done my mermaid prints back in the '90s. And, seeing as I returned to printing this week, I thought what the hec, why not return to some stitching too, seeing as the proverb has been going round my head! And so, a series is evolving... with shells, I think the comeback of the mermaid might also be in store, and fish, and stitching. And who knows what else...

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